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Centre for Change - Coaching


James Savory

telephone: 020 8874 7451
mobile: 07768 827410

Chris Hadfield

telephone: 020 8870 1582
mobile: 07940 706314


We are skilled and highly experienced coaches of professionals. We can coach your individuals through their difficult times and make even more of their good ones, encouraging their potential to flourish. We can also help you establish a culture where coaching and mentoring is used by and for everyone. This develops personal power and responsibility.

We coach individuals at all stages in their career, whether they are seeking partnership, enhancing their role as an existing partner, seeking an alternative career or making choices as one is drawing to an end.

Chris is also a supervisor having trained at the Metanoia Instutute and IATE.

"I found the coaching sessions immensely useful. Before I came to Chris, I knew that I was unhappy with aspects of my life and career, but had not been able alone, to analyse the problems effectively and devise a process to solve them. After coaching, I feel far more able to move forward in a way that is right for me. A first class coach."