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Centre for Change - Self-management


James Savory

telephone: 020 8874 7451
mobile: 07768 827410

Chris Hadfield

telephone: 020 8870 1582
mobile: 07940 706314


While our relationships with others can be key in our success, our relationship with ourselves can have even more influence. Personal awareness of what we do well and where we can improve is central to a deep understanding of ourselves.

We help develop emotional intelligence at work. We encourage awareness that we have much more power over our predicaments than we sometimes realise - and that it is our ability to choose our response that gives us this power. By valuing ourselves we assert our own rights and allow others to deal with us as equals.

Skills and attitudes we nurture range from time management to the influence our posture has on our feelings. We help people understand the way each of us creates our own world based on our own experiences and how we can choose to respond to events around us.

We can also help you create a good impression, present yourself effectively and authentically and use your voice and body language to support your message.

We believe in the importance of strong individuals personally managing their own lives. From our long experience training and developing professionals we know that the best organisational management involves self-assured, secure and motivated people dealing with each other.

"The coaching has been a great success. Performance and satisfaction levels at work have markedly increased due in no small measure to targeted coaching. He's happy, I'm very happy. Thank you for helping to make this happen."