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Centre for Change - Developing effective relationships at work


James Savory

telephone: 020 8874 7451
mobile: 07768 827410

Chris Hadfield

telephone: 020 8870 1582
mobile: 07940 706314

Developing effective relationships at work

The core of success in our dealings with other people is the relationship with them. So we concentrate on rapport building, listening, questioning, assertiveness and other key interpersonal, communication and influencing skills; the skills that complement and enhance the expertise of a professional.

We also understand the complexity behind the impression we make on others. Just as the way we carry ourselves affects how we feel, so it affects how others feel about us.

We regularly help people look at personal presence in building relationships and wider influence. We also encourage awareness of differences in people - and of the strength that these different viewpoints can give, if understood and appreciated.

"Fastastic facilitator. Brought the group together very effectively".

"Lovely balance of challenge, warmth and reassurance, based on deep knowledge. Hugely credible."