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Centre for Change - Our Clients


James Savory

telephone: 020 8874 7451
mobile: 07768 827410

Chris Hadfield

telephone: 020 8870 1582
mobile: 07940 706314

Our Clients

Chris Hadfield has extensive experience working with lawyers, general counsel, chief executives, finance directors, HR executives, management consultants, a wide range of health professionals, bankers, television executives, managers, marketing and IT professionals, leaders of arts organisations, artists, musicians, actors and many more.

In the legal sector, we are delighted to work with some of the most eminent lawyers in their field, general counsel, partners at all stages in their career, associates making their way and managers of services. Clients range from those with a global presence to more niche practices.

We work with our clients and the wider systems in which they operate. We help each client from whatever background identify the opportunities, find ways to overcome blocks and move forward with vigour and congruency, even if that may mean making significant changes in their careers and wider lives.

"Big thank you to Chris - without you I would not have taken on on the role. It has been a great success. Now I feel energised to take it to another stage that I would not have even thought possible a year ago".